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About AstroLab Space Events:

  1. Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

  2. Free basic-level lectures

  3. Duration: A few minutes or hours

  4. Affordable timings

  5. Guest lecturers 

  6. Sessions will be recorded

  7. Special bonuses on attending live

  8. Interactive with bonuses and prizes

  9. Fun learning

Our Space Events

Stars at Night

AstroLab Space Live

In this week's live we will discuss your question, doubts and fascinations with space. Besides, I will give away an entire Astrolab's research abstract writing course for free.

Time: 10:00 pm (MST), Every Saturday




International Astronautical Conference Training

In IACT I will explain how crucial it is to have an abstract to write an entire research paper. I will be giving away the entire course of several hours for free as a take away. So make sure you join this event. Click the button below to know more about IACT by clicking the button below.

Coming soon

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