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  1. Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

  2. Paid high level courses

  3. Duration: Few Days or Weeks

  4. Affordable timings

  5. Skills to apply the acquired knowledge in the real world are thought immediately

  6. Certificate

  7. Internship ready Letter Of Reccomendation

  8. Hands on experience

  9. Recorded lectures provided

  10. Related Competitions and Rewards

  11. Gamified Learning

  12. Guest lectures for student exposure to professionals

  13. Admission to AstroLab Community

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International Astronautical Conference Training

(Deadline to go international: 28th Feb. hurry up!!!)

International Astronautical Conference (IACT) is Astrolab's one of the most effective programs that allows you publish your research papers on an international level. It was a paid course at an extremely low cost. However, after witnessing a surprising positive feedback from my students about this course, I decided to make it free and let the students get a headstart in their with this international achievement as I get it.

Every thing about the IACT can be known via an introductory video in the course itself. Yet, it is important to know for now that I GARUNTEE if you follow exactly that is taught and guided in IACT, one of your abstracts will surely get selected internationally.

If you may ask for whom it is? How about you click the button below and get to the place you want and find the answers to all your question there!!!

The best part is that we collect no benefits as money or information from the students in the range of IACT. So, click the button and get into the course. Watch and read the user manuel and get on your journey. Hurry up! This years deadline is  28th February!! 

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