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Painted Space


      AstroLab is an establishment with a novel vision of integrating all nations and citizens. "Unity is Strength," I've always believed. In the case of space science, it really holds an important place. I recognize that the lack of advancement in space research is primarily due to the privacy of technology. Research on the same technology by each nation can be called "donkey work."  On the one hand, AstroLab advocates for technological independence for all governmental entities, regardless of nationality. AstroLab, on the other hand, is looking for a sophisticated mechanism to keep information secret from unauthorized citizens. This name has entered the market with the goal of allowing space organizations to focus their respective intelligence on a single point, thus harvesting 100% success rates. In the later stages, AstroLab will be designed by scientists for scientists. This vision solves a few of the most crucial problems in the field of space science. 

      Today, we observe a plethora of space missions with comparable working techniques and discoveries. Furthermore, many missions fail and are repeated in order to fail again. Trust and finance suffer as a result of this. Furthermore, national wars consume the majority of cash that should be invested in space science. The anticipated "Global Space Organization (GSO)" intends to center all light beams on a single place. It intends to minimize mission failure rates and repetition while also promoting global peace and raising total revenue because all nations will participate.

And, the initial stage of such a Global Space Organization is AstroLab.


This seems like a big word from a small mouth, thus I recommend you to read the mission. You will know how “WE” are going to do it. 


For more information, Contact me.


Participate in the events and Contribute with Astrolab to know the mission and become a crew member.

How can You Contribute to the Space Society?

  • Participate in the free and paid events

  • Give a regular feedback on the attended activities

  • Give ideas for improvement

  • Ask us your doubts

  • Subscribe to our newsletters

  • Participate in AstroLab's Internships

  • Shoot your profiles to us and work with us through a department in Astrolab

  • Promote AstroLab to make it global and connect earthlings together

  • Be the member of the teams and research groups

  • If you are a startup, we would be more than happy to collaborate

  • Participate in our research and illuminate you creativity. Don't forget to get the mention!

  • Finally, Cooperate and have a focused vision.

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